Russ Moller

I love being a dog trainer and handler. I have been training dogs little over three years now. I have personally trained 100’s of dogs, all breeds, and varies types of behavioral problems. I believe any dog is trainable no matter age, breed, or aggression.

I believe dogs will behave the way you allow them to. I am confident that my reinforcement will help you succeed with your training your dog. I’m a strong believer that every dog needs a job to stay out of trouble and focused, which could easily be done by practicing your training daily.

I started this business path with Just Stay K9 Academy because this training worked for me and my own pet. I still have not seen one dog, since I have been training, that did not take to the training I currently teach.

I look forward to meet with you and your pet in the near future. I hope I can help you and your family reaches your personal goals.

russ moller and trained dog