Training Programs

Building INSEPARABLE bonds that last a lifetime.

At Just Stay K9 Academy we truly believe that dog training NJ is not just about teaching your dog commands. While we teach your dog to listen and understand commands, we also teach YOU to effectively communicate with your dog. We do this by teaching you about your dog and its true nature along with proper handling methods. Our training programs are meant for the family who wants to be fully involved in their dogs progress and allow him/her to become a true part of the family. From start to finish we come out to you and your dog and teach on a one on one basis! Dogs are eager to learn and love pleasing their human friends!

puppy boot camp


You have made the exciting decision to bring home a new puppy! There are few events in life that are as fun as this, but now what? Through positive motivation training this program will cover typical puppy problems such as; chewing/biting, barking, digging, housebreaking, crate training, and puppy socialization as well as teaching basic commands like sit, stay, down, come, heel, and open-door training.

At the completion of this course you can expect your puppy to have become a true part of the family without all the ups and downs of misbehaved puppy hood. This program is designed for puppies eight weeks to six months old.

basic obedience

Well Mannered Dog program

Is your dog constantly jumping on guests as they come through the door? Does he/she pull on the leash turning a relaxing walk into a game of tug of war? Do you have to worry about your dog trying to escape your home every time the front door opens? Imagine a program that can change all of that so when guests walk through the door all they can do is compliment how “well mannered” of a dog you have!

This program will teach your pet basic obedience commands such as; sit, stay, down, come, heel, place, open door training, and dog attention. This program will also give you and your pet the opportunity to be introduced into group classes where your pet can be socialized and work with real world distractions that you may confront outside of a safe training environment. Designed for dogs 6 months and older.

smart pup program

Imagine your dog obeying a command through a simple hand signal or being able to go for a walk with your dog off leash and not being fearful of him/her running away! A program that is perfect for the family who wants their dog to truly be a part of the pack!

This program is designed for the dog who already knows the basics or has been through the Well-Mannered program. This program will introduce fun techniques such as the beginning steps of off-leash waking, motion commands, hand signals, and agility training as well as reinforcing commands such as; sit, stay, down, come, heel, and place. Designed for dogs 6 months or older.

The best dog program

Combine all the programs we offer into one to let your dog be the best he can be! Everyone knows their unique dog is the best for them, but how amazing would it be to cover everything your dog needs to know by rolling all our programs into one!

This program will start with the basics, move onto intermediate techniques, and finish with advanced off leash commands. Learn everything from sit, stay, come, heel to hand signals, motion commands, agility training, attention and more! This is meant to be a course you and your family can enjoy and is designed to incorporate any fun tricks you may want to teach your dog! Designed for dogs 8 weeks or older.


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